Apple’s Keynote Presentation In WWDC 2012

Apple’s Keynote Presentation In WWDC 2012Apple loves teasing its competitors or rivals during keynote presentation and it can be said as one of their organizational culture. The 2012 World Worldwide Developers Conference is also experiencing the same issue while Apple is trying to show its market leadership in every sector. Not only Apple but also the 5000 developers who work for developing Apple’s product are doing the same.

They are used to cheer when any exciting upcoming or new feature is announced by the presenter and they would most probably be interested to hissand boothe competition if the speaker or keynote presenter asked to do. Though you can make fun of their nature but remember that these are probably the most talented persons or developers who have helped Apple a lot to be the leader in the market.They are generally known for their nature where they appreciate their design and works and this has become the hallmark of Apple. Even there are many who have been with Apple from the mid-1990s which can be said the dark period for Apple.Later late Steve Jobs came back to Apple and turned it into the most successful organization in this planet.

Steve Jobs is no more but they are still with Apple and going with pride being a part of Apple. In this year’s WWDC Apple’s keynote didn’t talk about the stock price or market caps rather it focused on the success of Apple’s App Store which has hit the 30 billion download milestone. According to Apple it has paid over $3 billion to their developers during this period. So, the amount itself indicates how profitable the Apple’s online app store has become.

But at the end of the day Apple has showed their creativity again through revealing the latest Retina Display of MacBook pro, iOS 6 along with upgraded features and Apple’s very own map service.

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