Apple’s iOS 6 Vs. Google’s Android

Apple’s iOS 6 Vs. Google’s AndroidThe announcement of Apple’s all new iOS 6 and Retina display of MacBook Pro has created some curiosity among the Apple fans and regular market observer. Though the iOS 6 is still a beta version available for the developers it has made an impact over the technology market. Making Siri compatible for iPad and introducing Apple’s own map service has also grabbed the attention of listeners and through this Apple has shown its back to Google. Another place where the competition between Apple and Google is being interested is the operating system. So, everyone is waiting to see the competition of Apple’s iOS 6 and Google’s Android which are the two mostly used operating systems for smartphone.

The Android lovers are eagerly waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is going to be available probably in week. According to some this is going to be the most anticipated smartphone release of this summer. So it will have to face a hard competition with Apple’s Siri compatible iPod as both of these two have got an attractive way of releasing especially during this year’s World Worldwide Developers Conference.

Competition between iOS 6 and Android is going to be harder this season and iOS seems to be well prepared for this with all new Apple Map with 3D feature, live traffic indicator and real time observation and integrated and developed Siri voice command service.Apple has also developed a hands-free button for Siri which will be located on the steering wheel of cars of those companies which are associated with Apple in this project. So, it will ensure safety and regular workflow even while people are driving.Android is also coming with some exclusive features which are going to be revealed with the all new Samsung Galaxy S3. So, wait and enjoy the competition between the two tech giants.

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