Did Apple’s Announcements Meet Investor’s Demand?

Apple’s Announcements at WWDC 2012Last Monday was a very exciting day for all technology lovers as it was the keynote presentation day of the world’s largest innovative technology corporation, Apple Inc. In World Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2012 Apple’s CEO Tim Cook made some special announcements which had a mix reaction in the market. But, what about the investors of Apple? Yes, the stock price fell down a bit that day but this is only because of the overall market weakness and nothing else.

As it will take a few more days to digest the announcements of Apple, forget about it and think about what those announcements really mean to the investors of Apple. The key announcements made by Apple in WWDC 2012 are –

  • All new iOS 6 for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone with more than 200 new features.
  • 200 new exciting features and Mountain Lion to improve the product line of Mac.
  • New MacBook Pro with all new retina display.

These are the presents which Tim Cook carried with him for WWDC 2012. If you don’t know some actual facts then you might think that there is nothing for the Apple investors to cheer out. But is that really so?

Actually Apple has tried to make it easier for their investors to justify the earning margins of their products line.They are trying to do each and every task with software and the hardware is getting freed up. For example Apple is integrating the iMessage with Mountain Lion and iCloud. As a result the iMessages which will be sent to an iPhone will also be sent to iPad or Mac if all of them are on the same Apple ID. So, Apple has made some reasons why the iOS users should go for a Mac now. So, Apple is going to expand its business within the existing market size very rapidly.

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