Reeder: The Latest Version Of Feed Reader For iPhone

Reeder Feed Reader for iPhoneReeder which is the popular iPhone RSS reader app has got updated and the new version is 3.0. This up gradation has brought a number of latest exciting options and features with a newer user interface and has turned into the best ever RSS reader for iPhone. At the first sight you will experience a new look in the app icon which is much sharper especially on a latest technology retina display. Launching the app in your iPhone will give your iPhone a look while using the app. If you have used the earlier version of this app then there is nothing to learn new as the layout can be said quite the same as the previous one.

The feed page will show your current subscription service list. You will be able to add more subscription by just tapping the + icon at the upper right corner of the app. You will also be able to choose from the option of adding a Readability account, Google Reader account and Fever feeds. Just tapping on the service list and typing in your credential will start the task of bringing down all your feeds and subscriptions automatically.

After you add the accounts you will be able to tap into each and every account you have added and the All Items option will let you view all your accounts together. The main navigation layout is almost the same and you will be able to navigate through all articles, unread and favorites. The best feature the Reeder 3.0 has got is the option to natively remove or add subscriptions from Google reader. The setting options are also not changed so much but a few new features have been added with it such as the Fever. So, there is much to explore in this newer version of Reeder. According to WWDC 2012 Apple is going to launch the iOS 6 which will bring another 200 new features and definitely there will be many more to explore. So, keep waiting.

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