Who Are The Winners And Losers From WWDC 2012

Every year when apple announces new products it nicely sets the fate of other related company. Their product announcements come as shock for some company where in case of other they can be good news. Apple’s ability to dictate the fate of other company was fully displayed on 11th June in this year’s worldwide Developers Conference at San Francisco. Apple has enormous revenue of $160 billion annually and it on the rise, so their steady growth means a generous profit for their supplier and partners. These companies got a nice pop with those declarations at WWDC. While at the same time some companies get ditched. More often than not Apple drop the partnership with other company with little or no notice. Here are some new set of winners and losers that came out from Tim Cook’s introductory speech.

This year Apple smiled up on the Netherlands based company TomTom NV who makes personal navigation devices. In his key note cook said that they will be using TomTom’s data in their new map app. In response TomTom said that their partnership with Apple is global. As a result of this deal the company share at Amsterdam stock exchange was increased 16 percent. The relationship between these two companies was on the rise when TomTom made an app for Apple at 2009.

Apple understands the growing prospect of social media sites and that’s why they will be integrating such services into their devices. Tim Cook said that the social media Facebook will join Twitter on iOS6 which will be released later this year.

No one else lost more than Google from this year’s conference? Apple have suddenly dropped Google map from their iOS based devices and decided to integrate their own mapping application. This was shocking news for Google who are looking to retain the top position of mapping app list as they does for the search engines.

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