First Brain Drain At Facebook

Bret Taylor The chief technology officer of the social networking site Facebook Bret Taylor has announced that he would be departing facebook and start a company of his own with a senior Google Engineer Kevin Gibbs. This will be the first exit of high profile person from the core Facebook team following its IPO on 18th may. The news was first reported by All Things D. later he himself wrote the news of his departure on his Facebook Profile page. The news is confirmed by a spokesman of Facebook. On his profile the chief executive of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged the news and said that it’s been a great experience to know Taylor as Teammate and Friend.

Bret Taylor is one of the few people who have been with the company since its early days. He said that he is happy with the progress that the company has achieved specially platform and mobile products. But to pursue his own dream he has to leave.

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