Price Of Windows 8 Tablets A Big Concern

Windows 8 TabletsYesterday Microsoft called for a sudden event saying that they want to share some of their thoughts. Although they did not mention what actually they had in mind but everyone assumed that it would be related to their windows8 tablet. With windows8 Microsoft has introduced a new way of representing different apps, they are calling it the metro. The Metro represents all of users applications and social sites on different blocks or tiles. So people can get a quick view what’s happening where with a glance on the top screen. Certainly this is a new after a long time as PCs did not change much regarding presentation of apps after 80s.

Undoubtedly these sorts of tablets will be popular among the people but price of such device is a big concern. Unlike Google or Apple Microsoft has to earn money from their operating system. Because quarter of their revenue comes from OS, other than that they have to charge OEMs for every instance of Windows 8 tablet.


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