Cell Phone Radiation Safety Guideline Gets Reviewed After 16 Years

Cell Phone Radiation Safety Guidelines For the past Fifteen Years the US Federal Communications Commission did not raise the question whether its standards is enough to protect people from dangerous radiation of mobile phones.  Now people are using smart phones for longer period and making frequent calls so the telling question of radiation comes back in everyone’s mind. a spokeswoman of the agency, Tammy Sun made a statement through email that the agency chairman Julius Genachowskiis asking to put a legal inquiry in this case. He said that this is a routine check to make sure that the customers are not harmed.

Last time FCC updated their guideline regarding cell phone radiation was back in 1996 where the amounts of heat emission from mobile phones were taken into account to put up the guideline. If they make any change in the guideline then the mobile vendors has to take actions accordingly. As most of the vendors are based outside US this can a trade issue.


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