Sam Fisher returns in Splinter Cell BlackList

Sam Fisher is back and it is looking better than ever before. Ubisoft showed off the first ever gameplay footage of the new Splinter Cell game, titled Splinter Cell Blacklist, during Microsoft’s E3 press conference. The game is being developed at Ubisoft’s Toronto studio; it will be Ubisoft’s first big budget game.

In the demo, the story begins at the Iran/Iraq border, as Sam infiltrates the enemy camp by pretending to be one of them, carrying one of their injured companions. Upon entering the camp, Sam immediately starts to mark his opponents by using the mark and execute feature available in Splinter Cell Conviction. This triggers a nice slow motion killing campaign, as he shots two of his targets and stabs the third one to begin a battle scene which ends in a choice between killing his adversary or simply walking away. These sorts of decisions have no impact on the story or the gameplay, but it does leave the player with a decision to be made based on moral values.

After dealing with the terrorists in the camp, Sam makes his way through the mountainside village by killing his foes in an impressive manner. In previous versions of the game, Sam was an operator working for an organization called Third Echelon. However, this time, Fisher is the boss, as he has been appointed as the leader of a new agency called Fourth Echelon. This enables him to call for an air strike to take down a large number of enemies patrolling the perimeter. The demo ends as Sam reaches his target and a fight ensues.

Although the demo focuses more on the action part of the game, Ubisoft has stated that stealth elements are also involved to provide the player with multiple ways of playing in each scenario. The game also features an optional Kinnect support on the Xbox 360, allowing the players to use voice commands in order to accomplish tasks, such as, whistling to distract guards or calling in airstrikes.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist looked really amazing with impressive animations and jaw dropping visuals. It looks like this will be the biggest Splinter Cell game to date. Blacklist is scheduled to be released in 2013.

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