Sell Your Old Cell Phone In The US For The Best Price

SellCell - Sell your old cell phoneIf you are in the United States, you are probably having an old cell phone, unused and in the garbage. How about selling it to the recycle companies for a good cash? Sounds great? Yes, At SellCell.com, you can search for the best price for your old cell phone and cash out easily, there by contributing to the environment, in a way.

The process is pretty simple.

Just enter your phone’s model and make in the search box of the site. Then you would have the best comparisons of buyers, i.e recycling companies who are willing to pay for those old ones. You have the option of choosing the best price. Once you select it, you will be presented with a comparison table providing different information like the payment methods, payment period and a price for a non working phone.

So, even if your phone is not in a working condition, you still get the offers from the companies. Once you click the sell button, you will be redirected to the company website, who provides with further instructions for shipping.

The best part is that, most companies provide a shipping label and a bag to keep the phone which means you can send the phone for free and get paid once they receive.

Just make sure, you meet the conditions put up by the company. Well, its mostly related to phone’s condition, where your old phone must not be broken or have too many scratches etc. Most probably your mobile will meet those conditions. So nothing to worry.

I searched for iPhone 4S and got so many results at a very good price. So if i had to sell my phone once the iPhone 5 comes, SellCell will be the place to go 🙂

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