IBM Presents The Fastest Supercomputer Of The World

IBMThe Blue Gene/Q supercomputer from IBM, which is now kept at the national Library of Lawrence Livermore, has become the world’s fastest system. With this the United States is back at the top of the Top500 chart of fastest computers. According to the current chart the Sequoia of IBM is armed with 1.57 million Power cores and has the ability to perform at 16.32 petaflops per second. The previous best was Fujitsu’s K computer which had a performance of near 10.5 petaflops. Sequoia has gone past K computer easily leaving K at the second position.

However the K computer was the first of its kind to break 10 petraflops barrier and has been at the top for entire 2011. The latest Top500 chart of supercomputer was released at 18th June by the International Supercomputing Conference at Humburg. The list also revealed Intel’s slight drop and Europe’s slight over all boost.

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