Cost Rises Up To 54% For Batter Replacement Of Retina MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro Recently Apple has updated the pricing list for replacing Macbook battery. According to the list Apple’s MacBook Pro with retina display is not hard to service but it will cost significantly more than before. The servicing price for battery has gone up to $199 excluding tax. All the MacBook Pro laptops require a battery replacement after every two or three years. All the latest models by Apple does not provide a users serviceable slot for battery replacement so to replace the battery the laptops has to be taken to a Genius bar and now that would cost you $199, previously the cost was $129 for 13inch MacBook.

This means that the price is now fifty four percent higher than previous models. In contrast the now outdated 17 inch MacBook Pro costs $179 and that because it has a larger battery. The reason behind this increase in price is the superiority of current batter it supplies 95 watt hours at 10.95 V which is higher than the previous versions.

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