Square Enix Prepares For Next Gen

It seems as if most of the renowned publishers and developers are preparing themselves for the inevitable arrival of the next gen. Japanese publisher/developer Square Enix is no different.

The Japanese publishing giant recently showed off its next gen technology named Luminous Studio Engine, which will be used to power games for the next Xbox and PlayStation. The real-time demo which was titled, Agni’s Philosophy: Final Fantasy Real-time Tech Demo, illustrated the cutting edge game technology that has been used to develop the game. This has been expected, since Square Enix top studios including its Japanese Visual Works development group and Crystal Dynamics, are all involved with the project.

The demo video can be viewed on YouTube. It is about a girl named Agni who has magical abilities and, as the name suggests it takes place in Final Fantasy Universe. Whether it will become a full fledged game or not, remains to be seen. Nevertheless the company has asked the users via a survey about how they liked the characters, settings and, of course, the visuals.

Yoichi Wada, the studio head at Square Enix explained in an interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, that the Luminous Studio Engine is mostly meant to be utilized for their RPG’s and Action RPG’s and that its geared towards the development of certain types of games. On the other hand, he also hinted that it can be expanded to be used in other types of games as well.  It’s also being said that Square Enix is going to bring this tech to current gen platforms e.g. Xbox and PS3.

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