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Fail whaleTwitter, a leading social media network, is back up and running after it experienced some problems. On Thursday afternoon, some users started experiencing problems when they tried to update information on the site. Others stated they could not view ‘twits’ nor could they add some of their own. As the problems worsened, users came to a point that logging in and out became practically impossible.

This was a problem that was being experienced across the world and solutions were not forthcoming. It is believed that problems with the site started as early as 1700 hours BST. Earlier, there was a statement posted on the site which informed users that engineers knew about the issue and they were working to resolve it. The last major outage of this kind happened on New Year’s Day when the site was so overloaded that it crashed. By Thursday evening, most people could access their accounts although there were still some difficulties navigating thorough it.

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