RBS Experiences Technical Glitch

rbsCustomers of RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) experienced chaos when there was a technical glitch that forced NatWest branches to remain open until 7pm. The problem, which resulted in online services being unavailable and balances not being updated, was experienced throughout the day. Customers were not only unsure of the money they had in their accounts, but they were also unable to pay for goods and services.

In the morning, customers started forwarding their complaints, but normal services were not restored until early evening. An RBS spokeswoman was quoted saying that no one would be out of pocket as a result of the incident and they would compensate any additional costs that customers would have incurred as a result of the glitch. Though RBS could not comment on the number of customers affected, NatWest has about 7.5 million personal banking customers from the United Kingdom and about 1 million business customers.

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