Chinese Firm Buys Minority Stake in Epic Games

Tencent, a mobile and telecommunication firm based in China, has announced that it has acquired a minority stake in Epic Games, the creators of the famous Unreal Engine.

Epic Games president, Mike Capps, has said that “Tencent’s investment will empower Epic to help us do even more of what we do best, which is making great games and game technology”.

The deal will not have any major impact on Epic games as it will continue to operate independently, focusing its efforts on developing games across all platforms. While, the exact details of the deal have not been disclosed, it is expected that the deal will be closed within one month’s time. Tim Sweeney has stated that the goal of their collaboration with Tencent is to develop globally acceptable titles that will be successful worldwide.

Tencent’s Executive has also given a statement, saying that, both companies can learn a lot from each other as Tencent eagerly looks forward to work with Epic Games, continuing to innovate and move on to the next phase of improving the gaming experience.

Tencent is among the biggest game publishers of the world, mostly known for their online f2p and mobile titles.

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