Twitter Goes Live Again, Tries To Regain Reputation

Twitter outageOn Thursday 21st June, millions of users of Twitter were unable to use the micro-blogging service for almost an hour. Twitter authority instantly said that their engineers were investigating the issue and after that it took almost an hour to get the issue resolved. By early afternoon the short messaging service became usable again but twitter didn’t say anything why that issue happened.

Such issues or outages were not uncommon for Twitter earlier but that was years ago when it was new and trying to grow up faster. For example, in August of 2009 at least twice Twitter system got shut down (once for several hours) when it faced a ‘denial of service’ attack from the hackers. But, this time they haven’t said anything clearly what the reason was.However, Twitter should give more importance in this area as it has become an issue of their popularity and security but Twitter is finding it difficult to keep these outages out of the  game.

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