Google’s Special Doodle On Alan Turing’s 100th Birth Anniversary

Google Doodle on Alan Turing’s 100th Birth AnniversaryIt was the 100thbirthday of Turing, the father of artificial intelligence and computing who is mostly known for cracking the German Enigma Code and creating bombe, the early computer.To show honor and respect to this great Google turned its Doodle into a computing device which was representing the 100th birth anniversary in an interactive animated way.

Scientists and other people gathered in Cambridge, Oxford and Manchester to pay tribute to this great on Saturday and also took part in different events to celebrate his works and contributions in modern computing system.

The special Google Doodle that Google placed on Alan Turing’s birthday can be said the most cryptic one Google has ever placed. The Doodle has been created according to Turing’s great work on theoretical Turing machine and it meant clearly to those who have a clear understanding on computing system and programming in which Alan Turing was the pioneer.


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