New Samsung Galaxy S III Ads Implies Apple Bashing

Apple FanboySamsung has 3 ads for accompanying the launch of the Galaxy S III phone. Samsung is trying their best to inform you through the ads that you are a pathetic user of the other mobile phone companies, especially Apple.

The succession of the ads are featuring Cupertino Cultists, who is standing in a queue outside the store of Apple and anxiously waiting for the corning, allegedly lame, latest phone. It has culminated during the ad of Super Bowl, and it was so extreme in an insane way that both tears and laughter were quite appropriate reactions.

For Galaxy S III phone, the act is although considered not as an act any longer.

Samsung has tried in its early ad to go for humanity. It showed cuddly-feely by featuring not just lovers sharing with the help of glass window, but also the tiny little hands of a baby grasping the hands of his/her parent.

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