The Artificial Intelligence Of Google Gets A Major Break Through

Google Artificial Intelligence Google’s artificial intelligence team made a major breakthrough in their work on neural networks. They have created a algorithm that can learn from a pile of data and find edges. The computer is made on the basis of neural network. It consists of 16,000 processing unit and has more than billion inter connections.

The team fed the system ten million thumbnail images collected from YouTube and then ran a test whether the algorithm can identify 20,000 new objects from that. It did that and did with accuracy twice more than any previous neural network. Among the objects it recognized a cat which is one of the regular features of viral clips uploaded by You Tube.

Dr Jeff Dean said that they never told “This is a cat”; the system itself learned the concept of a cat. The neural is reported to achieve 15.8 percent accuracy. There are many application of neural network including speech recognition and image search.

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