Facebook To Launch A ‘Stalking App’

stalking appThese days facebook doing things bit quietly and this is kind of uncharacteristic for them. A day ago they changed a users email address without sending any notification to them and now they have quietly launched a stalking application that will let people see other facebook users nearby. Although the app is not formerly announced, it is available through their mobile apps and websites. They are calling it “Find Friends Nearby” but ReadWriteWeb have given a rather attractive name “Stalking App.” It could open you to other unknown people which can be both serendipitous and awkward interaction. You can check on this new app by going to this direction Facebook mobile apps: menu > apps > find friends > other tools > Find Friends Nearby at any time.

The news first broke out on Sunday when TechCrunch bloggers first reported on this feature. Although there is no legitimate announcement or explanation behind this app but the developer of this app said on a comment that the goal was to meet you with new people when your loved one are far away from you.

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