Google Introduces Offline Editing For Google Docs

Google Doc Offline EditingFor those who have been using Google docs since it was launched, their only gripe was that they cannot edit docs going offline. Well, today Google has solved this only problem that users had. At the I/O conference Google has announced that they will allow offline editing in Google docs from now on. They changes that user will make in offline mode will be sync with the online doc as soon as they go back online. The offline editing is also available for power point editing.

If one has to see foresee a problem with this new edition of Google docs then that would be multiple people sharing documents. Now that Google allows track changing it will be interesting to see what solution they provide for when multiple people will try to sync docs at the same time. Anyway that problem lies in the communication area, as per as Google doc is concern it would gain much more popularity than ever before with this new edition.

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