Bad Has Turned Into Worst for RIM

RIMNothing is going according to plan for Research in Motion. The earing of the blackberry maker has dropped to an alarming rate. They have decided to delay the launching of BlackBerry 10 devices; if everything is okay it may come into the market by the first quarter of 2013. They have sacked about five thousand employees from the company and have suffered a huge operating loss in this quarter. When the market closed on Friday RIM had a 19 percent share drop.

A few years ago RIM used to rule all over Europe, that was before the reign of Apple began. With the introduction of iPhone RIM started to lose ground to Apple. The situation got out of hand Android came into the market. Canada used to be one of RIM’s strong hold and is now captured by Apple. As it appears there is no way back for RIM although there new marketing policy in Asia has given them some hope.

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