Digg Losing Popularity As a Social Bookmarking Site

digg loses popularityDigg is a popular social news website whose main purpose consists of letting people vote stories up or down, termed as digging and burying, respectively. There are millions of stories submitted daily basis, but among them only the most Dugg stories appear on the front page. Digg’s popularity has encouraged the creation of other social networking sites with the same story submission and voting strategies.

But surproisingly this pioneer website is gradually losing its popularity among the users. The reason behind this downfall of their popularity may be due to the following reasons:

1) The main complains of the Digg many members is the website is running very slow and a javascript seems to be a real mess. Page rendering is also very slow sometimes.

2. It is very crowded now, and there are many websites with poor contents who are lowering the standards of the Digg as well.

3) Too much crowd has lessened the chance to be on the top position, even if your content is a real masterpiece. Users have stated that the entire system has turned into a total failure due to this.

4) Digg isn’t very good at selecting which ads compliment their site, considering their user base.

5) Their comment system is deeply broken. Moreover you do not get the facility for showing replies to any of your comments whereas reddit offers a message inbox.

6) Digg forces the users to go through their slow user history page, where you have to click on links to individual threads to view the comments or the fact that threads can only be a few levels deep, but currently Digg doesn’t even do that properly. You will have go to your history page, click through to a thread where you had a comment reply, only to find that it doesn’t load any of the replies. Perhaps they are having architectural problems with the design of their systems.

5) The quality of articles is getting poor and things take a long time to hit front page. Nowadays it takes several days before it hits front page and by then the story becomes old.

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One Response to "Digg Losing Popularity As a Social Bookmarking Site"

  1. social says:

    I’m not surprised. This is why so many niche sites are popping up. Digg tries to serve so many subject areas, but in the end it doesn’t really serve any of them very well.

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