Things You should Know Before Buying New PlayStation Move

Playstation moveGame geeks may be aware of the new launch of PlayStation Move by Sony. It was the most anticipated motion control system of the company that turns your real world movements into video game moves.

PlayStation Move – A brief Overview:

PlayStation Move is a device which comes with a glowing orb on the top. This handheld controller works with the PlayStation Eye camera in a combined way to track video game movements like punches, sword strokes, and tennis racket swings. The PSMove also has got regular controller buttons for shooting games that needs you to pull a trigger.

PlayStation Move was officially in San Francisco on Wednesday at the 2010 Game Developers Conference. The announcement followed last year’s sneak peek at Sony’s motion control system in the E3 conference.

Here’s you will get some important information on the latest PSMove:

When will PlayStation Move be available in US market?

PSMove will be released worldwide in late 2010, but Sony hasn’t announced any specific date till now

How many packages are available for PlayStation Move?

There are three sets of PS Move that you can avail. There is a starter pack that contains the PlayStation Eye, PSMove, and a game; The stand-alone controllers are available for those gamers who already own a PlayStation Eye; Third one is of a full PS3 console pack that includes the console, PSMove wands, and the PlayStation Eye camera. (It’s unclear whether the PSMove console bundle will also come with Dual Shock controllers.)

How much will PSMove Cost?

There’s no fixed price set yet, but the starter pack will be less than $100, according to Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Peter Dille.

Are there any peripheral add-ons we can avail for PSMove?

Sony has designed a second wand called the sub-controller. The sub-controller includes an analog control stick that the player can hold in one hand while his other hand is busy operating the PSMove wand. This will allow the player to move his in-game avatars around for action games like SOCOM quire effortlessly.

How to connect PSMove to the gaming console?

The PSMove and the sub-controller both use Bluetooth to connect with your console.

What are the new titles available on deck for PSMove?

New titles in the works include Sports Champions that features archery, futuristic table tennis, and Roman Empire-style gladiator combat. There’s also a TV game show title called TV Superstars; a kung fu fighting game called Slider; a bare-knuckle brawler called Dukes; a shooting game called The Shoot; and a family oriented game which is named Move Party.

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