Inversion- A Review

Saber interactive tried very hard to set Inversion apart from other third person shooters but what we got in the end was a half-baked sport, borrowing ideas from other famous games of the same genre. However, there are some neat gravity related features!

The Plot

The world is invaded by Lutadore; an unknown enemy annihilating the serenity of our world. As the invasion occurs, strange anomalies start tempering with the laws of gravity. You play as Davis Russel; a cop who’s on a journey to find his daughter along with his partner, Leo Delgado. The story is mostly explained in brief cut scenes, which play after finishing a specific battle or when entering a new region. It is mechanical, predictable and not interesting at all.

Game Mechanics

The third person cover system is very similar to the gears of war games, but not as fluid as those. You can move from cover to cover but the thing is, you will not always stick with the one you want to and will probably get killed. On the plus side, Inversion shooting mechanics are solid and the first few hours are interesting, but then the game gets repetitive and tedious. It tries to distinguish itself from other third person shooters by adding the ability to manipulate gravity, which you will be doing almost from the beginning of the game. You will use futuristic weapons; allowing you to pick up cars and use them as cover or projectile to hurl at the enemies.

Although the notion sounds cool, it is not well implemented and in most of the situations, its better to stick to your standard firearms. You can pick up enemies out of cover by using the Gravlink; which is also a nice feature, but has been present in other games before. Other than combat, gravity is also used in solving puzzle sequences e.g. gamers will have to throw objects using the Gravlink to clear a path and move ahead.

The Graphics 

Visuals wise, the game is acceptable, though there are some bland environments and texture problems. The voice acting is not on the top but is passable. All in all, it is neither one of the best looking games nor a pain to come across.

The Verdict            

With all the problems it contains, Inversion is hard to recommend as there are much better games in the market, which you could spend your money on.

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