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Zhifeng Ren. Credit: University of Houston

Gold Nanomesh Electrode: A Step Closer to Foldable Flat Screen Portables

Researchers have invented an innovative electrical conductor which is stretchy and transparent. The breakthrough invention has been unveiled by the University of Houston researchers, ...
Faster Internet Service For Cellphone

Faster Internet Service For Cellphone Coming

Faster Internet speeds are what coming in the near future as the German tech giant AT&T last week disclosed about its plan for rolling out the 4G LTE service in Muncie area soon. ...
Apple Profits Soar

Apple Profits Soar As iPhone Covers 75% Of Entire Cellphone Profit Share

Though Apple isn’t the leading cell-phone maker of the world, it makes both profits & sales that put it on the top firmly. Apple holds only approximately 9% of the entire cell-phone ...