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IBM Redefines the Standard Chip Concept with Graphene

Research Engineers at IBM have built the fastest graphene-based chip ever made. The new breed has the potential to perform 10,000 times faster than the usual graphene Integrated Circuits. What ...
X-Ray Phones

Recent Invention Might Turn X-Ray Phones Into Reality

A new imaging chip that has the ability to see through different objects like walls, wood, ceramic, plastic etc. has emerged the possibility to turn our phones into x-ray machines. A ...
Omnivision 8MP Camera

OmniVision’s 8MP Mobile Camera Is 20% Slimmer Than Other Modules

Digital imaging specialist OmniVision has introduced a new 8-megapixel camera sensor that will be 20% slimmer than other available 8-megapixel modules. The OV8850 camera sensor will ...