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Google Doodle on Alan Turing’s 100th Birth Anniversary

Google’s Special Doodle On Alan Turing’s 100th Birth Anniversary

It was the 100thbirthday of Turing, the father of artificial intelligence and computing who is mostly known for cracking the German Enigma Code and creating bombe, the early computer.To ...
Google Doodle Valentine's Day 2012

Google Doodle Of Valentine’s Day 2012 Comes Up With Love Note From Tony Bennett

Valentine’s Day of 2012 has been celebrated with Google Doodle, a video-animation showcasing tender crooning of Tony Bennett at the age of 25, hitting high notes of “Cold, Cold ...
google doodle, Jim Henson

Google Doodle Pays Tribute To Jim Henson On his 75th Birthday

Jim Henson was a famous Muppet master. He was well known American puppeteer. He is known as the creator of Muppets. Sesame Street and The Muppet Show are his most popular television ...