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Battle It Out With Dust 514 – Coming to the PS3 in May

Have you always enjoyed blowing your friends’ head off in online shooter games? Well, you can do exactly that with the first-person-shooter “Dust 514”-coming out on PS3. The ...

The PC/MAC Game ‘Dungeon Gate’ is Expected to be Arrived in September 2012

Dungeon Gate is a Role playing game in development at Wild Games Studio (based in Québec, Canada) and being published by Lace Mamba Global. The story of Dungeon Gate revolves around ...
Angry Bird 500 million Downloads

Angry Bird Surpasses The Feat Of 500 Million Downloads

The game Angry Bird is one of the most popular games among the gamers lately. And now it achieves another feather to its crown that it has become the most downloaded game in the history ...