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Amazon to Release New Smartphones?

Amazon has recently announced its plans to release two new smartphones. These low cost models will support eye tracking with a full 3D user interface. Due to this, Amazon shares are ...
Nikon D800 Rumor

Will The Rumors On Nikon’s 36mp D800 Make Canon Respond With Their Own New Product?

Reports are circulating that Nikon will be releasing a new of its kind, a 36np D800.  It has been said that these rumors are 99% probability and that Nikon’s D800 would be out after ...
iPhone 4 Recall

iPhone 4 Recall Rumor – Apple Stock Price Fall

Apple iPhone 4 Recall? No, its absolutely a fake rumor spreading over the Internet due to DailyMail’s dismal news report based on a Fake Twitter Account of Steve Jobs, CEO of ...