Review: Plants vs Zombies iPhone Game, Cheats, Walkthroughs


I have a fascination for zombies so this game would appeal people like me who have a bent of mind to watch horror. However, there is hardly any need for a review for Plants vs Zombies to prove this amazing game. Initially developed on PC in 2009, this game has been released on every platform so far and has created its magic on each and every one. Published and developed by PopCap Games, Plants vs zombies was released on 22nd February 2012 for all platforms including Xbox 360, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Nintendo DS, PS3, Nintendo DSi, Android, PC and MAC.

Belonging to the strategy genre, the idea of the game is similar to the other versions so far and that is tower defense. As the zombies are heading for your homes, you create a strategy to defeat them. And your gardening tactics come to the fore to help and repel them. In the course of the game, you plant sunflower and use its sunshine as currency to buy peashooters, which fires at the zombies till death. Moreover, as you progress in the game, you find new weapons to fight and new enemies in the form of unique zombies.


The best part of this game is that you get new surprises and new twist in every level of the game. The game introduces many types of plants, innumerable attacks, and nice graphics etc.

Some of the cheats and codes on plants vs zombies include, unlimited money, costumes, random saying of the tree of wisdom, switch locked trees, play slot machine to grab coins and diamonds and so on.


The walkthroughs in the game are not straight forward but require some basic strategy. For example, the player needs to understand the pros and cons plants, tactics to be used against each zombie, as well as extra puzzle and mini-game instructions.

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