Price Comparison Between Kinect, Playstation Move And Nintendo Wii


Kinect vs Playstation move vs Nintendo wiiAfter the launch of Kinect by Microsoft and Sony’s Playstaion Move E3 2010 more or less at the same time, all video game geeks are into a sudden quandary to choose which one is the most suitable option for them. There are several features which are incorporated into these devices. If you are an admirer of Nintendo Wii then you might start to think to replace your Wii console to a new PS Move or a Kinect. At the advent of Motion Control business where all big gaming consoles are running behind this newest technology, your Wii may seem to a bit dull. But here is a price comparison between three of them just to help you to choose your most suited player.
There’s nothing official from the ‘Soft just yet but word on the street is that the Kinect add-on will be around £100 in the UK and $150 US. If you happen to need a console as well, then you may as well pick up the Xbox 360 Slim to go with it giving a total price of £299 or $449.
SCEE in the UK has yet to announce a price for the Move controller but we do know that it’ll set you back $49.99 with the optional navigation controller at $29.99. In Europe it will be €39.99 euros and €29.99 respectively. It will be sold with a Sports game as a pack for $99.99 but, of you need a PS3 as well, then the whole lot will bundle up at $399.99.
Prices might well come down due to the massive competition but, the whole set of Wii Console will be available at only £160 which will include a WiiMote, Nunchuck and WiiSports game. Perhaps this one is not as advanced as the other systems but it will be certainly the most cost effective option for you.


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