Popular Facebook Music Applications For Music Lovers


facebook music apps

Various Facebook Music apps

Facebook has always been a popular social networking site. It continues with the trail of success with every passing day. Most of the Facebook members prefer this site for both professional and personal use.


Even Facebook is one of the few limited websites who serves its users with a variety of applications like gaming, music, business, sports and many other applications.  You can find different applications related to your career or hobby in Facebook.

For music lovers out there, Facebook has also launched many exciting applications to share music on their user profile. These apps will help the users to express their emotions for music on their Facebook profile or to let them share their favorites tune with other buddies.


So, if you are a music lover, check out few of these Facebook music applications for your musical-love and listening pleasure.


Pandora : Pandora on Facebook will help you explore your favorite music. You can find your desired songs or artists and create your personalized stations to play the whole song. Beside that, it will allow you to keep tabs on your contact’s musical interests, and display the music samples and your favorite artists on your profile page.


MixPod : This app together with the MixPod website creates a mobile playlist widget to display on your profile. You have to create a MixPod account at the beginning and link this account to MixPod. They offer a vast collection of songs to choose from and you can also pick your favorite style for the playlist.


Grooveshark : This is one of the most popular music apps to share music in Facebook. They present a huge selection of music to choose from and you can very easily share your preferred songs directly to your Facebook wall. Groovesharks also comes with widget for WordPress blogs.


Some other populat Music Apps by Facebook are as follows: Music Video Jukebox, Music by iLike, Music Challenge, Reverb Nation, Profile Song, ShareSong and many more to choose from.

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