Review: Devil May Cry 4 Refrain Game, Cheats, Walkthroughs

Despite the fact that ‘Devil May Cry 4’ is a repeat of the console game in terms of story having still cutscenes and text, the action sequences of the game are superb along with very good controls, which work best. For the fans of Devil May Cry series and of action games, the iPhone version of Devil May Cry 4 is definitely going to be appealing as you could carry it along anywhere you want.

Devil May Cry 4 has over 10 levels with connecting areas to explore. The game boasts of Retina Display support with a backdrop that looks decent but plain. The graphics are not that great but still ok, however, the text given are mostly unreadable. Despite all these, overall the game looks fine and is worth trying. If you ignore the graphics, the fight sequences of the game are excellent. The game enables the player to control Nero, the character of the game with the help of virtual stick and a 3 button or 4 button set up as per choice. Whereas the 3 button set up is the simplified version, the 4 button one is with more features.

The cheats to Devil May Cry 4 includes various strategies for defeating enemies.
The story is set in the castle town Fortuna, which is an unsafe place with the existence of demons.
The game introduces a new character called Nero, who is a Holy Knight of the Order of the Sword, which is in trouble due to the death of their leader.
You play as Nero and have to hunt the strange killer and deal with him.
However, Dente fans shouldn’t be discouraged as he too is playable in the game.

The walkthroughs of Devil May Cry 4 includes some straight missions, which brings success.
The first is to confront the strange killer
Second is to head for Fortuna castle town, where you get trained to equip yourself to tackle the first mission.
The third mission is a voyage through winter wonderland.
The next one is to look for Fortuna Castle. For this you have to proceed through ruined forests by following light rays.
In the next move you have to locate Kyrie, who is held captivated, and release her. Consequently, you end the big bad Empire of demons and become the savior.

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