Germany Reopens Facebook’s Photo Archiving investigation

Facebook German InvestigationIn Germany, Data shield officials has reopened an inquiry into Facebook’s facial detection technology. The accusation is that Facebook was illegally assembling a huge database of photos of the members without their prior permission.

Johannes Casper, the data protection commissioner had stopped the inquiry in the month of June. But when they failed to change Facbook policies they were compelled to reopen it.

On this issue, they have tried to cooperate with Facebook repeatedly but failed, said Mr. Casper in an interview.

The use of analytic software to accumulate photographic archives of the faces of human based upon the photos uploaded by the Facebook members is controversial in Europe, where data protection needs explicit approval.

According to Mr. Casper’s statement, they are demanding Facebook to remove all the photographic database of faces of people from Germany and also ask for permission from the users before forming a digital file according to the biometric data of the faces.

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