Smartphone Market Heats Up Ahead Of iPhone 5 Release

SmartphonesIf rumors are to be believed Apple is going to introduce iPhone 5 in September 2012. That will surely shoot Apple’s name in the headline of all the tech news and would snatch away attention from other smartphones. Apple fans are eagerly waiting for the release of iPhone 5 since last October.

Before that mobile phone users may expect a lot of news from other phone companies as well.

One of the other leading smartphone manufacturers, Nokia is going to organize an event on Sept. 5 for the unveiling of their first phone based on windows phone 8.

On the very same day Motorola has planned to held an event in New York City.

Again on the next day at Sept. 6 Amazon is going to invite some of the members of press in the Los Angeles area.

Rumors suggest Amazon may release a smartphone on that very day and the phone is currently being tested.

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