Apple’s Web Radio Services May Be Launched End Of This Year

Apple’s Web Radio Services Apple is going to launch a Pandora style brooking service possibly at the end of this year. The company is on the initial stage of this plan sourced by the wall street journal.

Apple hopes that the license agreement will help the users a lot and it will let the users to play tracks at any point of time. So this radio service would be an incredible feature for the users.

The service may be connected via iTunes and would come to a phone as an installed application. It may be a paid for service but still it would be a lot of fun. And also it will carry advertising. Here Pandora offers both the services: free service with ads and paid for one.

In fact the internet radio business is not so big yet. It has credit of less than $1 billion a year. Pandora is not very succeeded at this business and could not earn much profit as 60 percent of profit goes to content owners.

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One Response to "Apple’s Web Radio Services May Be Launched End Of This Year"

  1. Briandb says:

    I would like if Apple create a web radio but also for the european market! I read that this should only wortk in teh USA for the first time: http://www.factitup.com/2012/09/10/apple-working-webradi/

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