Ad Networks Target Nearly 100 Million Smartphone Users To Spy On

Mobile AdvertisingToday there are several firms now providing security solution for smart phone users. Other than the software that they make, they also provide a good service of keeping consumers up to date about what the latest security risks and concerns are. According to some research conducted in regard to how consumer privacy is affected by things such the ads which are bundled with free software, and how privacy maybe invaded by these advertisements. There is some free software which may be free of any ads or any mobile spy software however the study conducted by Lookout Mobile security shows that over 50 percent of the free software available does come loaded with gifts from the ad networks. Seeing ads on your phone may not worry or bother too many people but this study has shown that in fact these ads are not only publicizing their product or service but are also taking your information and passing that on. Furthermore these ad networks which put these ads on to the application which then later reach the phone, do not ask for any sort of permission to access the private and many a time personal information that they do. These ads do not ask for permissions the way apps do and hence the user is left unclear about why their information was accessed or what that information will be used for further.
The problems with these free apps and the ads they bring does not stop in here, as there is yet another problem with what these ads are doing on the phone other than stealing information, altering your settings and making changes with out your consent. Today 5 percent of the apps on smartphone’s are claimed to be carrying what is noted as aggressive advertisements. Just these 5 percent corresponds to nearly 80 million downloads, that is the amount of people infected with these forceful advertisements. Aggressive ads have been seen to performing tasks which can be qualified as crimes for an app, for instance snooping around the mobile phone they are installed on they may go ahead and alter your browsers bookmarks settings, something not very related to the app the ad came with. Some ad networks choose to become even more efficient and may start delivering ads which are not even vaguely related to the app they were downloaded with bombard the phone with extra ads.
Recently Google Play was evaluated to see exactly where these aggressive ads stem from; it was found that 17 percent of the time the aggressive ads came from phone interface modification and personalization apps such as apps for wall papers and screens. The next biggest source was entertainment apps at 8 percent. In last place was gaming applications which were responsible for distributing aggressive ads 7 percent of the time. The researcher, Lookout Mobile security, has also developed a solution for the problem of aggressive ads in the form of an application available from Google Play and can be used to detect precisely which ad networks are currently operational on a phone and what their activities are and what they are doing. Other than creating a solution for consumers Lookout also developed a guide book for application developers and mobile advertising firms to look into to improve the ad situation for both users and publishers, the guide contains information on many aspects of the advertisements for mobile devices.
One of the new problems which are now coming in to view from ad networks is that of scareware, which is software which tells the user to upgrade things such as the phones battery pack and issuing various other such warnings.

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