Motorola Brings Exclusive S11-FLEX HD Bluetooth Headphones

Motorolla S11-FLEX HD Bluetooth HeadphonesIf you are looking forward to buy a pair of wireless headphones then there’s an amazing product waiting from you from Motorola. Model number of this piece of Bluetooth headphone is Motorola S11-Flex HD. If you take a look at the image of the headphone it will be pretty clear that the headphone would be highly appreciable for the adventurers who sleep off too often with listening music, as it warp around his head and earbuds also wrap around the ears.

In fact, this headphones will give you flexibility at the time of hiking, mountain biking or in any other strenuous activity. Sometimes it turns out to be a bigger issue when the headphone doesn’t fit the users head and that it turns out uncomfortable. But this Motorola headphone will let you adjust the inner strap and it also offers a flexible outer band.

This headphone would be connected wirelessly by Bluetooth. And Motorola claims that this Bluetooth headphone can carry signals up to 150 feet far which is clearly a long distance. It will let you work in the yard or go to a different room without worrying about losing signals of your headphones. This special designed headphone would cost $130 and will be available from Oct. 28.

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