Apple Sold In Excess Of 5 Million Units Of iPhone 5 On Opening Weekend

iPhone sales chartCompared to iPhone 4S, a 25% increase in selling smartphones has been observed after the launch of the new installment of iPhone i.e. iPhone 5. The growth has been noticed during the three day weekend.

It is undoubtedly true that demand for iPhone 5 has surpassed the past record but still skepticisms are there from a section of tech enthusiasts. In a statement given on Monday, Apple’s CEO said that the customers of iPhone 5 want this product in their hands as early as possible.

The iPhone 5 has been sold over 5M from apple’s own retail store alone. Preorders of iPhone 55 started September 14 and it hit the retail stores on September 21.

Although some employees have said that they were expecting even more nits to be sold. On a three days weekend they were expecting something between 6 to 6.5 million. In fact, Apple at one point failed to meet the demand of the customers demand as they are ran out of stock.

As apple has dumped the Google maps they have been using since the launch of original iPhone and their new navigation technology may affect the customers more or less. Considering all aspects, 5 million units is undoubtedly a big number.

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One Response to "Apple Sold In Excess Of 5 Million Units Of iPhone 5 On Opening Weekend"

  1. David says:


    Share price drop is the universe’s payback for Apple’s litigious Karma.

    Apple is like China – providing a walled garden, but restricting speech and freedom of its users, and restricting apps because of their political or activist content.

    Android is like America – freedom first, not restricting apps because of their content.

    Freedom forever.

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