Top Business Reasons: Why Better Communications Bring Better Sales

Communications For BusinessEvery salesman likes to think of themselves as a great communicator, using the power of their sales pitch as well as the quality of their product to close that sale. To survive and thrive in business this is certainly the way to go – but it’s equally the case that there’s far more leads that could be transformed into sales through better communications.

Behaviour in a world shaped by the Communications Revolution
In part, it’s the fast pace of the modern world that informs how communication matters. Everyone swims daily in a sea of digital information, with the ability to access this information and make enquiries at their fingertips. This is truer than ever with the growth of smartphones and other mobile devices. In a world where customers can tweet or post on the Facebook wall of a company whose products or services have caught their attention, a single phone call can easily go unnoticed. Furthermore, the immediacy of the digital world means that customers want ever faster responses or they will look elsewhere.
The Direct Marketing Association warns that up to 80 per cent of marketing leads are never followed up. In many cases, there’s simply more leads than staff can realistically handle on their own, which is why a growing number of companies are seeking a technological solution to the conundrum.

Voice technology gives sales staff speed
Digital technology such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response), as championed by companies such as New Voice Media, helps to give sales staff the edge, ensuring that they call the right people at the right times, with all the information and tools they need at their fingertips. The idea behind voice technology is to convert more leads into sales through swifter and more responsive communications.

How can voice technology help?
The latest voice tech is able not only to monitor sales staff to see how often they call their leads and how well company strategies are applied, it can also analyse telemarketing calls to better understand the customer’s needs and better estimate when the right time is to call. A complete set of analytics makes it simple for supervisors and team leaders to notice trends and offer support where needed.

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