HTC One X+ Announced, Features Faster Processor And More Storage

HTC One X+In this October, HTC One X+ would be unveiled in Asia and Europe and the company will announce a new HTC phone soon.

The flagship model of HTC is upgraded with a faster processor. It now has bigger battery and about double memory from that of the previous one. The HTC officials unveiled the new Smartphone on Tuesday.

The new model also known as the HTC One X+ is expected to compete with the latest smartphones from Apple and Samsung meaning Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung galaxy S III.

The new One X+ has come with a faster processor. Alongside a super fast 1.7GHz quad core processor the phone has an internal memory of 64 GB.

A faster processor will allow the users to have smooth gaming experience and download content faster than ever. The battery of this phone is upgraded to 2100mAh meaning your phone will now be charged even longer. Overall, this new phone from HTC promises better performance and features.

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