FIFA 13 Crashes, Errors, Bugs, Fixes

FIFA 13Electronic Arts (EA) is the world’s third largest gaming company that is well known for its famous games like Sim City, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Star Wars, Battlefield 3, etc. The latest release of the EA Sports is the FIFA 13 that gained so much popularity among the users and more than one million copies sold in its first week that makes 71 percent of total videogame sales. Although there are so many complaints from the users about the PC version of the FIFA 13 because of the unknown bugs that freeze and crash the game.

Many users are complaining that FIFA 13 crashes as the EA Sports logo appears on the screen and sometimes when users trying to access the access the Settings screen. However, EA comes out with a temporary solution on its forums to fix out the bugs.

EA states that FIFA 13 is only compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7. In addition, EA also suggests some ways to overcome the bugs that include installation of the available update, make sure that you installed the latest version of the game, or repair your already installed game. There are some other suggestions as well to fix the bug by installation of Service Pack 1 for the Windows 7, installation of Windows Media Player, making the file ‘replay0.bin’ a read-only file, or create a new user having administrative rights and without non English letters.

Well these fixes work out for some users, but others are still facing it. According to the EA, they are working on the universal fix for the PC version of the FIFA 13 that very soon will be available for the gamers. Despite the fact that the fix is coming it isn’t looking good at all for the company like EA to release a game with so many bugs.

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  1. johan says:

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  2. Stephen Carnell says:

    When playing fifa 13 the match loads up but there is no ball i have restarted the xbox 360 wiped the disk you name it i tried it anyone else having this trouble? or does anyone have any recommedations what else to try?

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