The Best Location For A Technology-Driven Home

Technology Driven Smart HomeTechnology has become an integral part of daily life for the vast majority of people, with everything from handheld mobile devices to automobiles using the latest in computerized automation and intelligence. The family home is no exception to this trend, with technology-driven homes becoming ever more popular.

A technology-driven home, also known as a ‘smart home’, is designed around a computer system that connects all the various devices, appliances and other electrically-powered accoutrements of the home to a centralized communication and control system. Through this home network, anything powered by electricity can be instantly monitored and controlled by the owner’s computer, via remote control, a mobile device and even by the owner’s voice. The automation of a smart home can be limited, perhaps only to lighting controls or home theatre systems or might be more complex and all-encompassing. The most common areas covered in a smart home network include security, lighting systems, home theatre systems and regulation of the central heating and air-conditioning system. A wide variety of products and technologies are utilised, such as exterior night-vision camera and motion sensors for security; multi-room audio systems and wireless signals for comprehensive home entertainment and a host of devices for conveniently controlling and directing home activities, including remote controls and keypads.

Advantages of smart home technologies

As for the reasons why an owner would want to install smart home technologies are concerned, the list of advantages is lengthy. Convenience and ease of use are high on the list, as many owners welcome the freedom to control certain aspects of home life in an immediate way, even when not at home. The environmentally-conscious family sees the technology of the smart home as a great way to conserve energy. The ability to monitor home security, both inside and outside the home, is also a plus. Finally, smart homes offer unique benefits for the elderly, the housebound and anyone with children or pets, allowing freedom and encouraging independence, while keeping safety and security first.

Best locales for technology-driven homes

The city of Los Angeles is home to many of the most recognizable examples of high-tech real estate. The style and attitude of the city perfectly meshes with smart home technologies and ideals. The city, like the entire state of California, is also well known for its environmental advocacy, so home automation that conserves energy and reduces pollution is sure to be extremely popular.

The state of Florida is synonymous with family fun and beach life, but it also plays host to some of the top technology companies and industries in the country. The ‘High-Tech Corridor’, which covers nearly the entire central portion of the state, is home to the majority of these technology leaders. Tampa and nearby St. Petersburg, Sarasota and Orlando are some of the major cities in the region that offer a variety of Florida land for sale in numerous cities and communities. The ‘High-Tech Corridor’ is also home to the Space Coast, including the city of Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center. Finally, Palm Beach County, located just north of Miami, is not only home to some of the wealthiest people in the country, but is also experiencing a boom in technology related businesses and corporations, including many involved in the smart home sector.

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