iPhone 5 Nano-SIMs Available In T-Mobile Stores

Apple made some significant changes in its latest addition to the iPhone family that is iPhone 5, among them the new 8 pin Lighting connector and nano-SIM card slot are quite prominent as these changes forced the users to think before purchasing the iPhone 5.

With Lighting connector users are unable to use their old accessories and they need to purchase an additional adapter to make compatible old accessories with iPhone 5. While the nano-SIM card slot requires a new Nano-SIM that is different with other available SIMs in terms of height and weight. Therefore, to work out with your new iPhone 5 you need to use the nano-SIM of your service provider.

The unlocked version of the iPhone 5 is going to release this month which will allow you to use any GSM SIM card (nano-SIM) of your choice, but it looks like that T-Mobile is now selling the nano-SIM cards that allow you to use T-Mobile as your service provide on iPhone 5. So you can use the T-Mobile nano-SIM card on Verizon iPhone 5 device that is already coming as fully unlocked with the same price tag of locked version of the iPhone 5.

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