Apple iPhone OS 4 Update Launched – Top Reasons To Upgrade

iOS4 release in USA great news for all owners of the iPhone 3GS and 3rd generation iPod Touch as the much awaited Apple’s iOS 4 has finally arrived today with a horde of new and advanced features that everybody should try. If you’re one of the millions of Apple customers who have restrainedthem selves from getting the brand new Apple iPhone 4G by choice or due to limited availability then the new Apple software iOS 4 is at your service that can definitely supercharge your older version of iPhone with new tricks until the next upgrade.

If you own an iPad that runs on iOS 3.2, then the latest iOS 4 will be available for you only after September. On the contrary, many iPad-only features already have been integrated with iOS 4.

Here are some basic features that would compel you to upgrade your iPhone 3G which include:

1)Smart Folders

The folders feature in iOS 4 will help you to make your home screen clutter free, letting you organize them in a single location up to 12 applications.

2)Wallpapers everywhere

You can set your favorite wallpaper with the help of iOS 4. Previously it was only allowed for lock screen, but now this application can be used for the home screen as well. Like on the iPad, you will have the opportunity to select a different picture for the lock and the home screen, or you can put the same picture throughout.

3)Improvements in Email services

Users will multiple e-mail accounts can enjoy the unified box facility for which they have been longing for a while. Now Apple has been able to deliver it finally.

It also shows threaded messages; hence the user can easily follow up on. Business users will also be benefitted as it supports multiple Exchange account.


Beside the predictive typing facilities the spelling correction software was missing in iPhone. But now this matter is resolved with iOS 4. Misspelled words can easily be identified with jagged red underlines.

5)SMS search & Character Count

iOS 4 enables the users searching messages, just like the e-mails in the Mail app. With a flick on top of the main message screen a search bar will come out.

6)iPod Playlist Creation & Editing

iOS 4 will bring a few improvement to the iPod app too. Now you can see a new music control bar underneath the screen while listening to music in the background. It has got the capability to organize and edit playlists on iPhone with iOS 4, which gets synced with iTunes if connected to the computer.

7)Orientation lock

The iPhone screen will no more rotate annoyingly when the users are laying in bed reading on a side. The new OS has got a software orientation lock feature, which can be accessed by double-tapping the Home button and then swipe to the left.


The iBooks app is available to iPhone with iOS 4. It will enable the user to sync their existing iBooks library and also add PDF files to it. They can easily download iBooks manually from the App store.

9)Bluetooth keyboards support

iOS 4 is equipped with Bluetooth keyboard which will help to type long messages.


Multitasking is the most advantageous feature in iOS 4. you will be able to use Pandora in the background while playing a game, or receive a Skype call while reading your email.

To access your open apps, you double-tap the Home button and icons of the application running in the background will be displayed along the bottom of the screen. Tap on the app you want to switch to and you are in.

Alongside multitasking, Wi-Fi will no longer disconnect when your iPhone is locked, so you can receive calls and notifications from Wi-Fi only apps (like Skype) as long as you have a connection available.

The iOS4 is coming with 5 more enhancements; which are as follows

5X digital zoom for the camera, Tap-to-focus video, Suggestion in Safari and universal search, Birthday calendar, Places and events in Photos app. So what you need more. Just go for it and enjoy more advanced features in your older version of Apple iPhone.

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