Abduction: a CryEngine based Stealth Game

Lately, stealth based games have become very popular among gamers. With Dishonored and Assassin’s Creed 3 proving to be commercial successes and the upcoming release of Hitman Absolution and Splinter Cell Blacklist scheduled for next year! It seems like stealth genre is finally making a comeback.

The recently announced title Abduction is an interesting looking game developed using Cryteks CryEngine 3. Judging by the trailer which has been released along with plenty of screen shots, the game looks absolutely stunning albeit quite a bit dark. According to games creator, there is a reason for why the game looks that way. In an entry on CryDev forums, developer mentioned that it is imperative that the players use the coat of the darkness to maneuver and kill their enemies. Players also have the option to set traps, rig rooms, spy on foes using various techniques and gain information in order to progress through the game. Weapons are very dangerous and being seen will surely result in your demise.

The game is said to feature an advanced AI, a distraction system, and full-blown cinematics. Abduction is being developed exclusively for PC with no specific release date being mentioned by the developers.

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