Milestone Interactive Group Announces Its First Mobile Game “WORBBLE” – iOS & Android

Worbble gameMilestone Interactive Group, India’s leading game publishing, marketing, retail and distribution organization today announced the release of its first mobile game named “WORBBLE” under its newly established Publishing and Digital Services division. “Worbble” is a unique “brain game” that combines a word game with a challenging quiz mode and is scheduled to release on iOS & Android by 1st week of December 2012. “Worbble” is developed by Mile Nine Studios Pvt. Ltd. and is also the first game to be published by Milestone under its multiple studio partnership model.

The game will be available for the global market on iOS app store and Google Play store for $1.99 and will offer an addictive game play experience with a host of features that will keep gamers busy and entertained for hours; testing their vocabulary and general knowledge through two modes – word mode and quiz mode and offers a combined game play value of over 150 hours. The game is targeted towards an audience who enjoys making words, text twist, scrabble, general knowledge tests and mobile gaming etc. A free version of the game called “Worbble Lite” comprising of the easy levels in the word mode will also be made available on both app stores in order to enable consumers to try their hand at the game before making a decision to purchase the fully paid version.

Global smartphone device penetration grew by almost 61% in 2011 and continues to grow at around 40% in 2012. IDC predicts that 686 million smart phones will be sold worldwide in 2012, making it a mass market platform. According to a Nielsen survey in 2011, Games are the most popular apps downloaded with over 64% of app users downloading a game in a span of 30 days. This growing global demand for smart phones as well as their usage as an interactive entertainment platform presents a fantastic opportunity for Milestone to capitalize on this exciting growth opportunity.
Speaking on the announcement of “Worbble” Mr. Jayont R. Sharma, Chairman and CEO, Milestone Interactive Group said, “We are excited to introduce our first Gaming App with the launch of “Worbble”, which combines elements of the popular mobile word game genre with a quiz twist and would appeal to a worldwide audience. We intend to harness the growth potential of mobile devices for gaming apps and aim to become one of the leading players in this space by offering compelling causal games on digital mass formats including mobile devices, PC Casual & Social platforms, Digital iTV and Smart TV applications.”

“We will continue to execute varied game development projects on a multiple studio partnership model in order to achieve the status of India’s premier video, PC and casual & mobile gaming company.” Mr. Sharma added
Post launch “Worbble” will be continually supported by updates that will include new gameplay modes as well as updated question packs for the quiz mode.

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