Ruzzle is 2013’s First Hit Game


Ruzzle, a word game, has earned top position on iPhone apps chart, as it was the most downloaded game.  It looks, 2013 has got its first big hit. Bear in mind, Ruzzle does not belong to Zynga, MAG Interactive, Stockholm-based Company, is the mind behind Ruzzle.

MAG Interactive reveals that Ruzzle has achieved 11 million users so far, and topped AppData’s chart of iOS apps too. Moreover, the app has been downloaded by over 12 million players.

Reason behind Ruzzle’s instant popularity is still foggy. It was released in March last year and Wall Street Journal claimed it to be similar to Scramble With Friends by Zynga. Scramble With Friends was also launched last year. Both these games challenge users to find as many words as they can in fixed amount of time, though Ruzzle provides two minutes only. And in both the games, you can involve your Facebook friends.

AppData Chart does not list ‘Scramble With Friends’ in even top 15 slots of most downloaded iOS apps. Ruzzle is doing well in Android world as well, having fifth position on Android apps list at AppData. Again, Scramble With Friends is nowhere on Android apps list.

Ruzzle is a simple game where you and an opponent have to find most words from a grid in two minutes. And whoever collects maximum number of words wins the game.

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